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February 22, 1999


EDI Translater

Please be advised that CDS INC is implementing a new EDI translater to process SEDAR payments - the scheduled implementation date is Friday, February 26, 1999. The change should not impact or affect SEDAR users, except that on this date, any payments sent to SEDAR will be held and processed on the following Monday, March 1, 1999. Therefore, you will note a discrepancy between your banking records and filing transaction date records. This processing delay is to allow for installation of the software.

List of Exchange Specific Filings

In response to subscriber requests, a list will be posted, on the SEDAR website, identifying Exchange specific filing types and documents that can be filed through SEDAR. This will be available prior to the end of March and will allow viewers to access and download the list. More specific information will be provided in a future subscriber update outlining when and where the file, containing this information, will be placed on the SEDAR Web Site.

Additional Changes Implemented in Release 5.4 Code Update

In response to the request put forward by the Toronto SEDAR User Group, a new selection "Annual and Special Meeting", will be added to SEDAR to facilitate the correct filing of the Notice of Meeting and Record Date or Management Proxy Materials for both Other Issuers and Mutual Funds. The new selection will appear as the third option on page 2 of the SEDAR cover page in the drop-down menu of the field labeled Date of Meeting relates to.

The filing type of Prospectus - MJDS (NPS 45) under Other Issuers - Securities Offerings will change to Prospectus - MJDS (NI 71-101) to reflect a recent policy change from National Policy Statement 45 to National Instrument 71-101.

If you have any questions please contact your local Customer Support Representative, or the SEDAR Help Desk at 1 (8.5) 219-5381.

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